Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hallmark Christmas Movies All Year Round

I love Hallmark movies especially on a rainy day.
Some people like watching them, some people find them boring. I think Hallmark movies can be encouraging.
I know we are in May, but remember that you can watch any kind of movie, any time you want. 
What is your favorite Hallmark movie?

A Christmas Wedding  (2006)
Starring: Sarah Paulson, Eric Mabius, Dea Cain

Emily and Ben met on Christmas day, they now plan to marry on Christmas day two years later. However Emily must attend work and leaves the wedding plans up to Ben. With the bulk of the wedding planned, what could go wrong? Well, with Ben in charge — a lot!
Problems arise when procrastinator Ben tries to deal with bridesmaids dresses and shoes, while perfectionist Emily is out of her mind with worry that her perfect day will be anything but. The road to love doesn't run smooth as Emily also has to contend with her slick boss, giving her more work to do.
However, when a snow storm threatens to strand Emily at her work, she realizes that the only thing that matters is making it home to be with Ben and their Christmas wedding.

Christmas in Boston (2005)
Marla Sokoloff, Patrick J. Adams, Lindy Booth 

Pen-pals since the age of 15, Gina and Seth have created a life-long friendship based solely on letters and snapshots they have sent to one another although the pictures are of their better looking best friends. Now as adults, they finally get the chance to meet in person when Shawn goes on a business trip to Boston where Gina lives. Afraid to face the truth each sends their best friend to pose as them for the first meeting. Much to their horror the best friends fall in love but soon the truth is revealed and all learn important life lessons about honesty and self-esteem.

A Christmas Wedding Date (2012)
Starring: Marla Sokoloff and Chris Carmack

Ten years after leaving her small town for big-city success, After being fired from her high-powered job, Rebecca heads back home to see her mom, Shirley and attend her friends’ small-town wedding on Christmas Eve.
She finds herself caught in a "Groundhog Day" where events are incessantly repeating. 
Imagine having to live your High School best friends wedding day over and over. Also, it just happens to be on Christmas Eve. George Wendt stars with Marla Sokoloff and Chris Carmack in this hilarious journey of self discovery through having to live the same day over and over until she unlocks the secret to happiness.

Love at the Christmas Table (2012)
Starring: Dustin Mulligan, Danica McKellar, Lea Thompson, Scott Patterson

This is a romantic holiday tale about two best friends. Sam (Dustin Mulligan) and Katherine (McKellar) have spent every Christmas at the children's table since they were toddlers. 
They grew up together sharing the highs and lows of young adulthood. Now nearly 30 years later, Sam realizes Katherine is the one... but he is afraid that the past will get in his way.
Nice romantic movie with a good Christmas atmosphere in it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Decorate your balconies and terraces

Two days ago I talked to my friend Sveta, when she mentioned how much she loves balconies designs and decor. Since we still have a summer and autumn to go before Christmas, she gave me an idea to make this post about balcony decor.

Yes, summer is nearly here and so it's time to decorate your balconies and terraces.
Because they are very beautiful during the summer time.
A balcony can really come to life when decorated and furnished with a bit of touch of colors and candles.  
Now is the perfect time to decorate them with extra lights, flowers, beautiful chairs and tables.
Just use your imagination and don't be affraid to play with colors.

Get inspired with this collection of pretty decoration ideas for terraces.
Sveti, hope you like this pictures of balconies.




French balcony in Odéon Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Our terrace, my favorite place to relax

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Bathroom Decorating Ideas

I'd love to have a very nice bathroom.
The bathroom is the place where you take your time to relax, to reduce stress. 
Nice and relaxing decor will make you feel good. Plus nicely decorated bathroom with a warm and friendly colors can also have a calming effect on you.

The shower curtain is the centerpiece of the room. Choose your bathroom curtain first and build your colors around it. For an inviting appeal in your bathroom, you don't need to make a big changes.
Small changes can make a huge difference, try small bathroom accessories (towel bars, accessory set, candles, etc).

Are you not happy with the way your bathroom looks? 
Get inspired with a lovely decorating ideas for bathrooms from  Next 
Create an idyllic bathroom for yourself.

Wood Storage Caddy

Ceramic Accessory Set

Heart Towel

Lace Detail Design Bale

Wood Canvas Laundry Sorter

Willow Laundry Sorter

Bloom Shower Curtain

Monday, February 25, 2013

Movies that put me in a good mood

Today it's a very grey day outside, that kind of day which puts you into a melancholic mood of coldness.
Do you find that your mood matches the weather as well?
On days like this I prefere to stay at home, watching a nice movie, having a glass of wine, being wrapped up in blanket, eating chocolate or drinking a cup of hot coffee (chocolate).

I already mentioned in my blog romantic Christmas movies, the 10 best sitcom Christmas episodes or Hallmark Christmas movies. But this time I decided to share with you some of my favorite movies that put me in a good mood. 
What film always puts you in a good mood?

Marry Me (2010)
( Two part mini movie series )
Starring: Lucy Liu, Bobby Cannavale, Steven Pasquale and Enrique Murciano  

Marry Me is the story of Rae Carter, a former artist now working as a social worker, who has always believed in the fairy-tale. But when her long-term relationship with boyfriend, Adam, falls apart, her beliefs are shaken. 
Despite her hesitance, Rae begins seeing a handsome man named Luke and quickly falls for him. The feeling is mutual, it appears, when Luke asks her to marry him after only a short time. But just as Rae begins to get comfortable with the idea of Luke as her Prince Charming, Adam re-enters her life and begs Rae to marry him. And as if that wasn't enough, already torn between Luke and Adam, Rae finds herself being proposed to a third time by Harry, a rich friend of Luke's, who is smitten with her. 
Now, Rae must decide who she wants to be with. Because if she doesn't, she risks never finding her Happily Ever After. 

Three to Tango  (1999)
Starring: Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott and Oliver Platt

A rich businessman, Dylan McDermott, mistakenly believes that Matthew Perry, who is bidding on a $90 million restoration contract, is gay and asks him to keep tabs on his mistress, Neve Campbell. Perry, who is not gay, falls for Neve in a big way but she thinks he's gay. 
I don't remember hearing about this movie when it came out. Later I have read so many critics give this movie bad reviews, but I loved it.
This is a must see movie.


Only You (1994)
Starring Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr, Bonnie Hunt and Billy Zane

Faith believes that two soul-mates can be united if they find each other. From the Ouija board, she has found the name of her missing half and it is D-A-M-O-N B-R-A-D-L-E-Y. 
Later, at the carnival, the fortune teller sees the name Damon Bradley in the Crystal Ball and Faith is convinced. She is told that "You make your own destiny,...don't wait for it to come to you". 
14 years later, she is engaged to a dull podiatrist and plans to marry until she gets a call from one of his classmates who is on his way to Venice, Italy. The classmate is Damon Bradley. Rushing to the airport to see her soul-mate, she misses him and the plane, but decides, then and there, to go after him. So Faith and her sister-in-law Kate both board the next plane for Italy hoping to find her Damon. 

Ted (2012)
Starring:  Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis 

Boston, 1985. Eight year-old loner Johnny Bennett finds a stuffed bear under the Christmas tree. Wishing really, really hard, he transforms it into a walking, talking "thunder buddy for life". 
Fast forward 25 years and John and Ted's slacker antics are fast getting under the skin of John's girlfriend. A friendship that's tested when Lori, John's girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship.
Someone has to go, but who will it be?

If you like the tv show Family Guy, you will love 'Ted'.


French Kiss (1995)
Starring Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton and Jean Reno 

Kate is desperately afraid of flying, so when her fiancée Charlie flies to Paris on business, she must stay behind. 
Kate has been having second thoughts about her impending marriage, but that changes when Charlie calls her to say that the engagement is off -- he's met a beautiful French woman named Juliette and he's fallen in love. Determined to win Charlie back, Kate confronts her fears and hops on board the next flight to Paris, where she finds herself seated next to Luc Teyssier a thief who stashes some valuable jewelry in her baggage hoping to avoid capture. 
While Luc simply wants to get his jewels back, he pretends to be willing to help Kate find Charlie and win him back in order to keep her luggage out of harm's way, but to his surprise, the two become infatuated as they make their way through the City of Lights.


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Monday, January 28, 2013

La Défense Christmas Market, Paris

Paris is offering many free activities for those who want to enjoy the holiday festivities.
Christmas markets in Paris are always enjoyable to visit.
There are several markets in Paris, including the ones on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and at Trocadero.

I lived in Paris for over 2 years, but last year in December was my first visit to Christmas market at La Defense. I went to see the other markets, but I didn't know there is also one in La Defense.

La Defense is the business district of Paris. I have seen it in the distance many times, but never went to visit the skyscrapers and well known Grand Arche.
I was nicely surprised. The Christmas Village on the square at La Defense is the largest Christmas Village in Paris and it is worth the visit.  
It takes over a massive space of more than 10,000m² beneath the towering skyscrapers of La Defense.

This market has many wooden chalets with traditional arts and crafts, wood carving to glass ornaments, jewelery and festive decorations, including its famous red carpet. 
The Christmas market stalls at La Defense sell everything from sausages, salami, nutella crepes, churros, cheese from the Alpes and of course fois gras. There is also live musical entertainment and plenty of places to stop for a glass of mulled wine, cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate. If you get tired, there are plenty of wooden chalets with tables, chairs and heat lamps. 
So you can sit and enjoy the ambience of Christmas.

Don't forget to visit a huge shopping center right next to the Christmas market. The shopping mall features a large selection of shops, a beauty salons, lots of restaurants and bars.

Metro: La Defense (line 1, last stop)

RER: La Defense

Red carpet glamour at the Christmas market at La Defense

That's me, standing on the red carpet

Towering skyscrapers of La Defense

La Defense - the largest Christmas Village in Paris

Get into the spirit of Christmas

The shopping mall at La Defense

La Grande Arche de La Defense

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hallmark Christmas movies

Are you missing Christmas?
Are you still in Christmassy mood?
Well, it's only January, outside is cold, so why not sit down in your warm living room and get back in time with Hallmark Christmas movies.
I have to say I became a huge fun as soon as I found out that I can watch all movies on youtube.

Matchmaker Santa (2012)  

As a little girl, Melanie Hogan wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love. 
Lacey Chabert, Florence Henderson, John Ratzenberger, Adam Mayfield and Donovan Scott, star in Matchmaker Santa, the story of a woman in love with a workaholic named Justin who winds up stranded with his assistant Dean, in a small romantic town at Christmas time.

A Bride for Christmas (2012) 


A Bride for Christmas shares the story of a young woman who cancels her third engagement as she stands at the altar and is determined not to have another serious relationship until she meets the right man. She meets a young man who (unknown to her) is trying to win a bet that he can convince a woman to marry him by this Christmas...

Holiday Engagement (2011) 
Hillary (Bonnie Somerville) got dumped just before Thanksgiving. She won a free trip to Mexico for two, but decided to offer the tickets as a reward to any good looking guy who would agree to go home with her for the holiday. 
Her family, her mother especially (Shelley Long) is so anxious for her daughter to get married, that the pressure will be intense if she comes home alone. So David (Jordan Bridges), an out of work actor applies for the job. But the two have a difficult time trying to pass themselves off as lovers to the family when they hardly know each other. But as the days pass, they find themselves being attracted to each other. 
Can they turn the act into the real thing by Christmas?


Call me Mrs. Miracle (2010) 


A family-owned department store is struggling to sell toys during the holiday when a mysterious employee shows up and begins to work miracles. 
On top of giving sales a boost, her magic touch also mends the family's relationships and creates new ones. 
Debbie Macomber's as Mrs. Miracle. 
Also starting Jewel Staite, Eric Johnson and Lauren Holly.



Mrs. Miracle (2009)


Overwhelmed widower Seth Webster is searching for a housekeeper to help him with his unruly six year old twin sons. "Mrs. Miracle" mysteriously appears and quickly becomes an irreplaceable nanny, chef, friend... and matchmaker. 
Based on the novel by Debbie Macomber.  

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

Trudie (Mellissa Joan Hart) is a struggling artist who was working as a waitress and heading to a log cabin to spend Christmas with her family. 
Until a big problem occurs ... as she is about to leave with her boyfriend Nick, he breaks up with her. 
In a panic Trudie then kidnaps stranger David ( Mario Lopez) and intends on passing him off as her boyfriend Nick. 
It is a good TV movie about enduring the holidays and how sometimes we have to be forced to realize what we really need.

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