Sunday, November 4, 2012

Discover Christmas decorating ideas.

Sometimes we are looking for an amazing decorations and we dont realize they are in front of us.
All you have to know is a few little tricks.
Get ideas for Christmas decorating for your home.
Get started now. 

1.) Are you short of Christmas decorations, don't panic. 


 Why not use cake cutters.
 Hang the cookie cutters on your tree with a use of colorful
 ribbon. The look is cute, tasteful and the best thing, very easy. 


2.) All you need for this is paper, scissors, crayons, paint and glitter to decorate your 
     snowflakes. Or just leave it plain white. 

Get a square piece of paper or trim a piece of paper so that it is square. 
Fold it in half diagonally. 
Now fold your triangle again in half diagonally. 
Fold paper one side to the front, the other to the back. 
Trim the extra piece of paper off the end of your small triangle. 
Around the outside of your triangle, cut some designs ( use your imagination - circles, squares, triangles, etc ). 

You are done! :-)
You can tape these snowflakes to a window for a nice winter decoration or attach to a ribbon and hang on your Christmas tree.


3.) Make paper chains of colored paper glued into connecting circles. 

Cut a long strip of paper.
You can write something on each link in the chain.
Glue or tape one end of the strip to the other.
Slide the new strip through your other loop/ring  
and glue its ends together.
Continue until you reach the desired chain length
Now all you have to do is to hang your chain on your Christmas tree.

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