Monday, November 12, 2012

The 10 Best Sitcom Christmas Episodes

1.) Friends - Season 4, Episode 10: The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

Ross must decide whether to continue dating a girl he must travel two-and-a-half hours to see. Chandler sets Rachel up with a coworker who misunderstands her intentions. Monica is being treated poorly by her new coworkers so she hires Joey just so she can fire him and show who's the boss. 
And Phoebe tries to write the perfect holiday song.

2.) The Big Bang Theory - Season 2, Episode 11: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Much to Lenonard's disappointment, Penny suddenly develops an interest in science when a sexy new physicist joins the lab. Meanwhile, Sheldon struggles to find an appropriate Christmas gift for Penny.  

3.) Two and a Half Men - Season 7, Episode 11: Warning, Its Dirty

Charlie schools Jake on the finer points of cheating, but forgets one tiny, but very important detail. Evelyn invites a legendary TV producer (Carl Reiner) to Charlie's for Christmas dinner.

4.) Dharma and Greg - Season 1, Episode 12: Haus Arrest

Kitty hates having Greg's 16 year-old cousin Jennifer's staying there during holidays, so she convinces Dharma the girl is better off with a younger couple. When they catch Jen kissing with some youngster, Greg throws Frank out, but Dharma resists punishing as 'giving in by negative attention', they settle on sending her along when Dharma and Jane do Christmas shopping as daft German tourists. After being arrested for a sweater Jen stole, but blamed the weirdos for, Dharma is converted to disciplining, but grounding proves far from easy in practice...  

5.)  Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 2, Episode 12: All I Want for Christmas

Ray and Debra want to celebrate Christmas in a different way, so Ray sends the kids to his parents house. But, Ray and Debra cant seem to get in the mood on Christmas. 

6.) How I Met Your Mother - Season 2, Episode 11: How Lily Stole Christmas

Lily takes away her Christmas decorations, after she finds out that Ted called her a bad name while she was broken up with Marshall and Barney is too sick for his Christmas plans. 


7.) Ally McBeal - Season 3, Episode 8: Blue Christmas

Elaine finds a real, live six-week-old baby in a nativity scene manger and wants to keep him. Cage and Ally represent Elaine in her fight to gain custody, while the rest of the office (full of child-less lawyers) become enchanted with the baby. Even Ling considers having children. Billy attempts to reconcile with Georgia. Meanwhile, Ally and Renée bet $1000 that one can "out-sex" the other by singing suggestive holiday songs on stage at the bar.

8.)  The King of Queens - Season 6, Episode 11: Santa Claustrophobia

Doug feels suffocated when Carrie takes a holiday job at IPS. Arthur attempts to get a Christmas card picture taken with friends. 

9.) Just Shoot Me - Season 3, Episode 10: How the Finch Stole Christmas 

Finch sneaks a look at the office Christmas presents and is disappointed when he discovers that its not what he wanted. Meanwhile, Nina learns the true meaning of casual wear, Elliott protests the commercialization of the holiday and Maya rags Jack about his selfishness. 

10.) Friends - Season 9, Episode 10: The One With Christmas in Tulsa

When Chandler is stuck in Tulsa over Christmas, he finds himself alone in his office with his beautiful co-worker, Wendy. When Wendy makes a move on Chandler he turns her away and begins reminiscing about "Friends" Christmas past, prompting him to quit his job and return home to his loved ones. Friends episodes which flashback to earlier episodes. 

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