Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces

Last week I was helping my boyfriend decorating his workplace.
It is a small place and there's not much space to display decorations.  
But ... there's always a way out.
I used some of his see-through containers and put inside Christmas ornaments. We also wanted to put Christmas lights, but we couldn't displayed them where we wanted, because they were too short.
So I put Christmas lights in a clear glass jar and use it as a lamp. Christmas lights bring a festive atmosphere to the celebration of the Christmas season.

Also, if you have canned snow, you can just decorate a couple of windows by covering them with the snow. The canned snow is available in different holiday colors.

Have fun decorating!  :-)

Our Christmas lights in a glass jar. How cute is this?

Christmas ornaments in our glass container

Christmas ornaments on top of the till, attached with double sided tape

Windows decorated with spray snow

Our jolly Santa lamp

White candles, nice and simple

Mini Christmas tree, placed in unexpected spots, bring added joy

Christmas tree in our lobby

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