Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Entryway decorations for Christmas

Everybody loves to decorate their home for Christmas and that includes an entrance.
Entryway decorations provide a cheery welcome from outdoors to indoors. These may include a wreath, a Christmas doormat, a bow tied to a door knocker or any other decorations. 
Use your imagination and dress your entryway. Make your house inviting to your guest.

Christmas doormat makes a welcoming statement to your guests

Add something to the door handle

If you have a ornament that can be hung on the doorknob, use that

Decorate your mirror with paper Snowflakes

Candles and lights will lighting up your entrance perfectly

Let your imagination run wild by using pine cons, apples and Christmas ornaments

Decorate your staircase with goodies in coffee mugs

You also can fill a vase with colorful ornaments for Christmas

Turn ordinary pine cones into gold pine cones decor

Brighten your entryway with ornaments and candles

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